Television Broadcasting

Credit: Jaina Ruch

I have been a part of numerous television productions, on and off campus. I have mostly done camera work, including operating a low, midfield camera at a United Soccer League game being broadcasted on ESPN3, but have also worked as graphics operator and technical director.

Camera Operator

For the live broadcast of Asbury University’s 2015 and 2016 Highbridge Film Festivals I was responsible for stage-facing shots.

Note: Due to a technical error that occurred while broadcasting, the audio does not work for the first minute or two of this next video.

Below are a few examples of work I’ve done for live broadcasts of NAIA basketball.


Wide Camera: Following the action.


Hero camera: Closeups and capturing emotion.

Technical Director

As technical director, I listened to the director’s commands and switched between multiple camera feeds. Here is an example of my work shooting an NAIA basketball game: